Some Frequently asked Questions

How do I download photos where I have prepaid or for charge free events?

Add all the photos you like to a favourites selection - when you roll the cursor over a photo click on the little heart appearing in the left/right top corner to add it to your selection (some screens also have a select photos button top right corner)- then delete those you do not want later, to get a final selection. You can also 'add to favourites' by right clicking on a photo and choosing to 'add to favourites. Once you have made your selection look for the download button -top right corner.

What is the easiest way to select multiple photos to buy?
Add all the photos you like to a favourites selection - when you roll the cursor over the photo click on the little heart appearing in the left/right top corner to add it to your selection- you can still delete those you do not want later, to get a final selection. You can also 'add to favourites' by right clicking on a photo and choosing to 'add to favourites'. You can create a few different selection files and name them by clicking on "my selection(s)" at the very top left of the screen by selecting it and you can also share this selection with a spouse/parent/the photographer by clicking the share button in the very top right of the screen and following those menu options.

How do I buy the photos?
You may purchase them directly off the website. Look for the buy button.

What are the prices of the photos?
These are listed in the gallery itself, if you double click any photo you will see the prices in the lower right hand corner, or if you click the buy button they also come up.

What is the password?
It is available from your teachers/Kindy/school office/dance studio/the photographer.

How do I pay for the photos?

  1.  Via PAYPAL

             PAYPAL is quick and easy and free to set up on line at


       2. You may make a direct deposit to my account - email me for the details please and advise the amount you will be depositing and I will then issue you    with a coupon code for that amount which gets entered near the end of the checkout process on my website.

How will I get my prints?
All Prints will be delivered to the school office/dance studio/Kindy (or as arranged) free of charge, a collection email will be sent to you when they are ready. If you need these urgently for any reason you are welcome to email me/text to collect in Cockle Bay area or click the $6 shipping option on the shipping page and I will post them asap.

May I order a black and white copy of a coloured photo?
Sure, just email me and I will put up a black and white (or sepia or colour desaturated) version. They are the same price as the coloured options.

How will I receive my digital files?
Directly after payment is made you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download the photos directly to your desktop. They need to be downloaded within 30 days of the download email please as the link will expire thereafter.

I am not very good with computers, help!

  • What is a digital file?  A photograph in electronic digital format which is downloaded to your computer, you may get them printed yourself at any stage.You do not receive a printed copy or a disk or a USB, the photo is downloaded directly to your desktop by clicking on the link provided in an email to you once you have paid. This is immediate and you can then save it on your computer or transfer it to a disk/USB stick.
  • This is all too much for me, is there an easier way to order?  Yes, no problem, just email me the Image numbers (underneath the photo eg.IMG 23568bw) together with the print sizes you want, or say digital file or canvas etc, and make a direct deposit to my account as per the payment options. Feel free to call me if you get stuck.

Do you sell Prints in smaller sizes?
A5 is smallest photograph for sale, this is roughly half of A4 size. Should you specifically want smaller photographs you will either need to purchase the digitals and have them printed yourself or let me know and I can have them specially printed for you at the same cost as the A5 photographs.

I have a special frame which needs a special size of photo can you help?
Absolutely yes. Just let me know the size and I will let you know if the photo can be sized accordingly and give you a quote. A Landscape style photo can sometimes be changed to a Portrait style photo.

I plan on buying digitals and having them enlarged above A4 size myself is this ok?
Absolutely fine, but high quality photos are sized for the print intended so you may not get the best quality this way, also not every print is suitable for enlarging depending on the size you had in mind, so you may wish to check this first.  You will find my large print prices extremely competitive and I take extra care in bringing out the best quality for your print because it is my work you will be displaying.

Will the print/digital I buy have the MaddieAboutYou watermark on it?

Can my mother who is in London/Australia purchase photos off the website?
Yes, no problem, she may purchase digital files for download and pay in the usual way. If she wants prints let me know and I can give you a quote for shipping directly.

Do you do private Family/Sibling Photographs?
I love doing them! Please email me and I will send you the details if you are interested. I have a special offer for Mother's groups for babies and siblings.

Thank you.
Maddie Thibaud
Also available for Commercial, Event, Property and Portrait Photography and for the photography and design of websites - personal for all your own photographs, and for commercial websites.